Psychology Interns


Dominika Pakula, B.A.

Psychology intern

Ms. Pakula is a graduate student in the final months of the M.A. program in Applied (Clinical) Psychology at Laurentian University. Ms. Pakula's graduate research focuses on the effects of restaurant menu elements, such as calorie labels and descriptions, on consumer perceptions of food items.


Ms. Pakula training clinically under the supervision of Dr. Mariani and Dr. Price. She has experience in the psychological assessment and treatment of a variety of presenting problems including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, adjustment to life changes, and chronic pain.


Ms. Pakula's treatment modality is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but she has also undergone training in Prolonged Exposure Therapy and is interested in continuing to further this knowledge to treat trauma-related disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder. 

Ms. Pakula is fluent in English and Polish.